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Upcoming Gigs & Events


THE CLUB at George Street Playhouse!


It's opening weekend of the world premiere of THE CLUB by Chris Bohjalian at George Street Playhouse in New Brunswick, NJ. It's directed by David Saint. Such a wonderful cast. If you're interested in catching this show you have from now till March 17th. Go to the link below for tickets.





Blues for An Alabama Sky
at Barrington Stage Company!



If you're in western Massachusetts this summer come on down to Barrington Stage Company and check out this wonderful production of Blues for an Alabama Sky that I'm so grateful to be a part of.  This cast has been amazing and director was a joy to work with. 

This play is so powerful and resonant with so much we still are dealing with today. Come see me in a mustache in this 1930s Harlem set Dramedy! You won't be disappointed! Get your tickets below!


at Pioneer Theatre Company!



If you find yourself in Salt Lake City, Utah this weekend come check out this awesome play at Pioneer Theatre Company's Play by Play reading festival! The Dust People by Catherine Trieschmann has been a pleasure to work on! Love the cast and director. Get tickets below!


The Mountaintop
at Uptown!


Opening today is my second go around directing THE MOUNTAINTOP by Katori Hall at Uptown Performing Arts Center in West Chester, PA. So proud of the actors, staff, designers, and community for making this show happen. Please check it out if you're in the area! Runs from Feb 3rd to Feb 19th. Get tickets below!


Law and Order: SVU
"Dead Ball"



Made my Law and Order: SVU debut last night! Check out my turn as Devon King, owner of a high end gym, getting questioned by the SVU team on Episode Seven of Season 24 called "DEAD BALL". See the episode on NBC, Peacock, or Hulu!


Arvada Center 2022 Black Box Repertory Season


So excited to be part of the Repertory Black Box Season at the Arvada Center in Colorado. I'm going to be in THE LIAR as well as STICK FLY. If you're in the area come check it them out! THE LIAR opens Feb 4th and STICK FLY opens March 18th. Both run until May 22nd. 

Learn more here!



Barrington Stage Company

“is a tone-perfect production of Pearl Cleage’s 1995 play, set in the summer of 1930, that has plenty of resonance in the summer of 2023. It also shimmers with the charisma of a terrific cast playing funny, likable, fully dimensional friends."

The New York Times  7/25/23


The Arvada Center

"Ryan George is spot-on as the skirt-chasing bachelor who may just have met his match with Kimber. He’s dad’s clear favorite..."

Onstage Colorado 4/6/22


The Arvada Center

"George has a ball with Dorante, playing him as that guy who’s 100% engaged with his many tales — at least until he starts forgetting all the details. Bullshit artist though he is, you just can’t help but like the guy."

Onstage Colorado 2/5/22


The Hippodrome Theatre

"Travis said the focus on celebrating life was highly intentional, a pact that he and his co-producers Ryan George and E. Stanley Richardson made in the early days of the play’s conception."

In the Loop 12/17/21


The Hippodrome Theatre

"And credit the Hippodrome for kicking off its long awaited season with a flash of lightening, a roar of thunder…and a stunner of a play about an extraordinary man abruptly and unexpectedly obliged to reckon with his own destiny."

The Gainesville Sun 10/24/21


George Street Playhouse

"Both George and Experience are gripping in their roles and the audience connects to their characters as we attempt to engage in what is happening before us. George’s pathos as a husband, father, and preacher is tangible."

New Jersey Stage  1/29/20


7 Stages Shakespeare

"George’s Othello radiates the inner workings of the intense, able military man; all in or all out. It’s there in the perfect, assured soldier and again as passion plays out as he descends into jealousy and a madness; it’s a blissful performance."

Seacoast Online  5/7/19



 "As Terrence, George is tiger-sized, but also big enough to understand his own mistakes; when Watkins’ relentless Bankhead recites Terrence’s failings to him, Terrence winces again and again like a boxer, past the point of exhaustion, taking blows."

DC Theatre Scene  7/9/18


The Hippodrome Theater

" The Royale plays out more like a dreamy ballet set to gritty rhythm. And the effect is sublime. Ryan George does double duty; assuming co-director duties for the first time, and turning in a surprisingly sweet and sensitive performance as Fish."

Gainesville Sun  1/17/18


Florida Repertory Theater

"The super-buff Ryan George spends most of the night in his underwear (I didn't hear anyone complaining), but he's more than just a hard body with a pretty face. George gets huge laughs with his fidgety, cocky, happily stupid George —especially in that aforementioned striptease number and a hilariously bit of bad acting performed for the gathered family."

News-Press  11/7/14


Miami New Times

Best of Miami 2013

Gablestage's Hamlet

Tarell Alvin McCraney's condensed edit of Shakespeare's masterpiece Hamlet received its share of respectful criticism, namely that its 85-minute reduction didn't capture all the nuance and brilliance of the unabridged text. Fair enough, and it's also fair to say that some characters, such as Polonius and Gertrude, arguably received short shrift, failing to emotionally register on the level they should have. Which is why Ryan George's performances stand out as much as they do: Even in this self-described "action movie" version of Hamlet, George generated a commanding presence, crafting two contradictory characters in multiple dimensions. As Laertes, he was a steely-eyed, smoldering presence whose deep wounds resonated at a deliberate pace in an otherwise speedy framework. As Rosencrantz, he enjoyed some lithe slapstick and commedia dell'arte-style improv with partner Arielle Hoffman as Guildenstern. George conveyed both tragedy and comedy, channeling both sides of Shakespeare's — and McCraney's — gifts.  


The Mountaintop at The Hipp!

Opening this Friday Oct 22, 2021 is the amazing production of The Mountaintop I have been directing at The Hippodrome Theatre in Gainesville, FL. It's been an honor and so much fun to helm this wonderful play. Check out the trailer above and if you find yourself in the air come check it out during its run!


Short Stack Stories Podcast


Excited to be the guest artist reader for this very fun, weird, and dark short story called AT THE CENTER by Chelsea Sutton on the the brilliant podcast Short Stack Stories! 


Short Stack Stories is a wonderful podcast where your hosts Liv and Jackie share incredible short stories with complete soundscapes that transport you into a new fictional universe every week. Your Short Stack Stories come with a side of author interviews and a lingering craving for breakfast food. Find them on Apple podcasts!

Link to the podcast episode!


The Hipp Six Podcast


Absolutely honored to be the co-host of this amazingly insightful and beautiful podcast about the theater company I'm a part of.  You can listen to all 6 episodes now on Apple Podcasts or Spotify! Summary of Podcast below!

"This podcast tells the stories of the struggles and triumphs a group of college students experienced creating the Hippodrome, a small regional avant-garde theatre in Gainesville, Florida."

Link to the podcast!


Proof of Love (Virtual Play)


Starting today you can stream the play PROOF OF LOVE  by Chisa Hutchinson which I directed for the Hippodrome Theater. It is a virtual production that was filmed remotely and will be presented to our audiences through the vimeo streaming platform. You can purchase your tickets at 

It was an honor and true pleasure to direct this play. Especially during this difficult time we find ourselves in. This one woman play, acted wonderfully by Joy Lynn Jacobs, shows the beauty and difficulty of love. What a true partnership is about and the extreme struggles we experience in these relationships. It has twists, turns, and amazing revelations. On top of all of that it is another beautiful display of what it means to be black. Another point of view of what black women can be. A wonderful exploration of humanity. Please join us and support the arts!

Tickets for PROOF OF LOVE!


Facing Our Truth (Zoom Reading)


This Tuesday, August 4th, we at the Hippodrome Theater will be presenting a one night only zoom reading of FACING OUR TRUTH. An anthology of short plays addressing themes and subject matter that relevant to the current social justice movement. I'm directing all the plays as well as acting in two of them. The reading is free but we highly encourage donations because 50% of the money raised will go directly to the NAACP LEGAL DEFENSE FUND. Please join us for these important pieces of work and stay for the post show town hall discussion after. Get your tickets below!


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